I am Jaakko Nuutinen and am based in Paris, France. An avid photographer since my childhood, I have a keen interest in our natural surroundings. I base most of my work on macro studies of flowers. However, having travelled widely, I draw much influence from my experiences among other cultures. Images from some of my various travels can be found in the themed galleries section. .


Pentax is a passion for those who own it. The quality of the fixed length lenses is undisputed. The ergonomics of the cameras - these are designed for comfort and use, not only looks. Who needs a fancy all-in-one zoom lens when you have glorious glass such as the FA35 2.0 or the FA50 1.4? The Vivitar S1 105 2.5 is a fine addition and is great for macro work.


Nature abounds with possibilities, all too often overlooked or unseen in the most seemingly mundane things. A flower, apparently simple, becomes a world of its own upon closer examination. Seemingly fragile petals become launch pads, rough terrain or shelter for insects. A leaf reveals a myriad of pathways akin to a streetmap. Tiny hairs protect against cold and insects.

Eme eme

My place of birth is Finland - a beautiful country. Explore nature and enjoy the refreshing landscapes here when you can!

Pentax FA50 1.4 Pentax FA35 2.0 Vivitar S1 105 2.5
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